Working Together

In my collaborations, I invite authors into a space of connection, quiet adventure, and depth that helps surface and share their gifts with the world. I bring into this work an intuitive sense of story and structure, a deep regard for language and flow, and a desire to create books of meaning.

I specialize in memoir and books centered on themes of transformation, leadership, health, spirituality, and the inner life. At the same time, I’m also open to surprise, and more unexpected creative partnerships.

Ways of working together include:

Ghostwriting: A close collaboration that helps you share your ideas, insight, and story through a book, initially drafted by me and shaped by both of us. With the right pairing of author and ghostwriter, this process can brilliantly capture an author’s unique vision, voice, and inner gold.

Book/writing coaching: A relationship that helps you tap into your own deepest strengths as a writer and write the book you feel called to write (or develop the writing practice you’re meant to begin), through exploratory conversation, thoughtful guidance, and creative feedback.

Ghostwriting/developmental editing: A hybrid process in which I help you develop your book and edit what you create, while also stepping in to help write, too.

Developmental editing: Big-picture editing that looks at content, structure, and tone. Depending on your needs and preferences, this may also include stylistic editing at the sentence and paragraph level.