I provide a range of writing and editing services, including:

Ghostwriting: A collaborative process that helps you share your ideas, expertise, and singular voice with the world.

Developmental editing: Big-picture editing that looks at content, structure, and tone. In nonfiction, this level of editing may involve significant restructuring, either moving content across chapters or rearranging the majority of content within a chapter. Depending on your needs and preferences, this may also include stylistic editing at the sentence and paragraph level.

Substantive/line editing: Comprehensive editing that approaches the work as a whole, focusing on clarity, cohesion, and organization of the text, while also addressing stylistic needs at the sentence and paragraph level. This may include occasional restructuring.

Copyediting: A light copyedit will focus on mechanics—grammar, usage, consistency, and adherence to a chosen style guide. A heavier copyedit will also include stylistic revisions that improve the quality of prose at the sentence and paragraph level.

Manuscript Analysis: Thoughtful, constructive guidance that will help direct your own revisions. This analysis, provided through a revision letter discussing the work, offers feedback on your manuscript as a whole and details big-picture issues, which may relate to clarity, structure, flow, strength of beginning/ending, pacing, reader engagement, etc.

I bid by project. Please contact me for an estimate and to further discuss how I can help you.